Dear Supporter,

As you will be aware the financial impact on our community organisations, such as Peterhead Football Club, due to the Coronavirus pandemic has had serious financial repercussions with all our revenue streams being suspended. With the tremendous support from our staff, volunteers and also the government schemes that were introduced we have been able to mitigate the short-term financial impact – but it’s not enough.The club needs your help!  We fully respect that we’re not the only ones though, so over the coming months, we’ve decided to introduce  an online “Super 50/50” off the back of our highly successful and popular Match Day 50/50, with the draw taking place on the 4th  July 2020.

This format will not only provide some much-needed financial support for the club but will also give something back in the way of cash prizes for the winners.

Three prizes will be drawn, representing 50% of the total prize fund available, as follows;

1st Prize 30% (potential £15000)

2nd Prize 15% (potential £7500)

3rd Prize 5% (potential £2500)

Ticket prices are fixed to purchase online as follows:

Our target is to raise £50,000

1 Ticket £50

3 Tickets £100

17 Tickets £500

40 Tickets £1000


Can you support your club in its hour of need? Does the thought of winning a large sum of money catch your attention? C’mon let’s get something positive to focus on and watch the pot of money grow on the PFC social media posts.We hope that this format will be attractive to supporters, families and businesses alike, or why not create a syndicate with your family and friends and spread the costs?

C’mon Support the Blue Toon


In addition to the above, the board of directors at Peterhead FC will personally contribute the equivalent of 10% of the total monies raised to our chosen Charity “Friends of Anchor”.

Alternatively you can get in touch and we’ll walk you through the steps

Drop us a line at and we’ll be more than happy to help.