Community Foundation Press Release

Mar 14, 2024

Peterhead FC announce Official Charity Partner Peterhead FC Community Foundation (PFCCF)

Peterhead Football Club has since its inception in 1891 been from the community of Peterhead and for over 130 years has played a role in supporting the community as much as the community supports the club.

The community spirit in Peterhead and wider Aberdeenshire demonstrated during the coronavirus pandemic was a catalyst for the club exploring ways that it could increase its support and services to the community. 

The outcome of those discussions was to form an independent charity with a vision that Peterhead FC Community Foundation (PFCCF) will play a positive role in our community by inspiring, including, educating, and empowering our community to create a sustainable positive change to the community’s health and wellbeing.

Peterhead FC Chairman Rodger Morrison stated: “Peterhead FC was founded with Community at its core. This announcement today confirms the club’s official charity partner that will enable further support for the people of Peterhead aligned with our values and aims of being at the heart of a stronger, healthier, and more equal community.

Chairperson of the Foundation Gavin Mundie said: “It is with excitement that we are able to officially launch Peterhead FC Community Foundation (PFCCF). This is something that we have been in discussions with the Football Club around for several months.

As an independent charity incorporated organisation, we are proud to deliver community and charitable activities as the official charity Partner of Peterhead Football Club and drive forward with our mission to inspire, improve and positively change lives in our community. 

PFCCF has developed a five-year strategy based on national studies and the Aberdeenshire Council strategic needs assessment for Peterhead, which focused our strategy on three areas: –

  • Health, Wellbeing, and Inclusion
  • Education and Employability
  • Football Development

We will only achieve our goals with collaboration from other third-party organisations in the town and the generous support and collaboration of individuals and organisations with similar aims.

We would love people to come with us on this journey whether that’s by supporting us financially, volunteering their time and involving their organisation in partnering with us.