Injury update

Apr 19, 2023

Things are progressing really well on the injury front at the moment at Peterhead with physiotherapist Donal O’Gallagher pleased with how everything is at this stage of the season.

With the intensity of games at the business end of a campaign going up a chord or two, it puts pressure on guys like Donal to get it right readying players for a Saturday match. However, with the meticulous preparation put in by the physio and management team, they work collectively to get everyone in good condition for stepping over the white line.

He said, “From a team perspective, we’re doing well in terms of injuries just now, usual aches and pains for this time of the season.”

“From a physio point of view, it’s pretty much the same, it’s getting the boys ready for a Saturday and also good for training on Tuesdays and Thursdays, instilling their recovery process after games and the club is excellent with dealing with nutrition and hydration post-match and after training.

“They’re good at giving boys advice on exercise and recovery and getting the boys ready for outside sessions that we do as a team collectively.”

“It’s a lot harder in the part-time game to manage lads and their roles, a lot of it is on them and we’ll give them advice, a couple of the lads are carrying knocks but nothing serious at this stage of the season.”

Donal was delighted that Connor O’Keefe is back within the squad and Hamish Ritchie is back training on a non-contact basis.

“Connor is coming back after surgery on his knee right on time and doing really well and Hamish is aiming for the start of next season and he’s doing well in training, he’s doing much better than what we expected at this stage.”