Queen of the South preview

Mar 31, 2023

Peterhead FC joint caretaker managers Ryan Strachan and Jordon Brown admit¬†there’s been more of a structure to the working week ahead of the long trip to Queen Of The South. Togetherness was a word used many times by supporters after last week and it’s something that both continued to emphasise looking ahead to tomorrow.¬†

The two stalwarts for the Blue Toon took charge for their first game in temporary roles last weekend with Peterhead putting in a good shift in the first half before Alloa took the game by the teeth and grabbed two goals for a 2-0 win.

They look ahead to the trip to Dumfries collectively by saying, “The reaction in the last two weeks of training has been good, they’ve been part of a team and had a smile on their face rather than just being individuals, a long bus journey will help and we have team camaraderie but it’s just a team that’s low in morale.

“Whenever you get a Saturday with an opportunity to get points then it helps, hopefully we have a successful Saturday and enjoy the bus journey.

“After the chaotic week we had, getting on the pitch last Saturday was always something we couldn’t wait for, we’ve had three sessions and a game to get everyone together, no matter what happens in a managerial change, everyone comes together to prove a point or for freshness.

“This week we’ve managed to slightly be more structured knowing what’s coming and we hope to see the benefits of that tomorrow. Irrespective of who we come up against, we have to maintain high standards within our group, our professionalism and standards need to be the highest they can be.

“That hasn’t been our problem this year, we’ve got our own ideas heading into the game tomorrow, we would like the results to change first and foremost, we have tried to pick the boys up after what has been a busy week, it’s always going to be a difficult transition period after a manager goes.

“We have a sharp session at Peterhead on Tuesday and we looked good last night as well, we’ll need everyone in the final seven games of the season and hopefully more with the play-offs to have an impact.

“We made it clear as a temporary management team and at board level that we’ve seen a spark over the last week, the attitude, intensity has got better and it’s been loud in training. There’s no point in being Tuesday and Thursday training players, they need to be Saturday players.

“All the quality and effort at training needs to be brought forward to a Saturday, when we took charge, we wanted the players to have belief and confidence and also have a level of values. It was about taking pride in everything we do both on and off the pitch.

“Nobody is happy about how the season has gone but there’s still a chance, it might be a different approach as you’re away to a full-time team but that same approach remains the same to try and get a win, it’s a young team and even younger without Ryan and Andy McCarthy who came off.”

Attacker Jack MacIver made his second start for the club last weekend and is hoping to kick on and contribute in the latter stages of the season, “I thought the boys were good last week, a bit better over the recent weeks, everyone knows it hasn’t been good enough.

“We’re prepared and ready to go tomorrow, any player that doesn’t play is going to be frustrated, I was no different, it shows Ryan and Jordon have trust in me and hopefully I can keep on playing.”