FFIT going great guns

Feb 28, 2023

The man, the myth, the legend!
That’s how you would describe Natty Porter around Peterhead FC circles and the Blue Toon stalwart has been putting in the work with 10 men and 12 ladies at the half-way stage of Football Fans in Training which is funded by the SPFL Trust and the Scottish Government.

The men participate on Tuesday evenings and they’ve been walking round the park in the past couple of weeks while the first team have been training at Balmoor, the big weight-in is taking place tonight something that excited Natty when he was spoke at the weekend with the ladies also making progress during their Wednesday night sessions.

Porter said, “It’s going great, we’ve got a mens and ladies session, we are doing well and the weigh-ins are happening tonight and tomorrow and some of them have been doing really well so I’m looking forward to seeing how they get on at the six-week mark.

“A lot of them are changing their habits and doing different things that is pleasing to see, we do 45 minutes in the classroom which is diet, and nutrition before another 45 minutes on the physical. With the first-team training now here at Balmoor, we do four laps of the park as well and everyone gets to see the lads training.

“The ladies go in the hall on a Wednesday, one of the ladies clocked 4,000 steps last week and that was just in the hall so there’s exercise with a bit of fun, we have 10 programmes and we have 105 people attend who have lost a combined 106.5 stone and people have said it’s life-changing.

“It’s a bit difficult to get people on the programme now as some supporters have done it now but I would recommend it to anyone as it’s a lot of fun.”