Training squad small but talented

Jun 18, 2022

Peterhead players will get together today for their fourth training session ahead of the 2022/ 23 Season starting with manager Jim McInally admitting that the training squad is smaller than he anticipated at this stage of the summer

Jim said: “We are low in numbers for a number of reasons but I have to praise the players that have been in as their work-rate both in terms of quantity and quality has been good. The players who were with us last season have come back in great shape and the three new boys that are training just now are also doing well.”

“We have a player in who was with a Premiership club last season as a trialist and he was blown away with how fit our players are. He told us that our sessions were the hardest he had experienced and that shows what a committed group we have both on and off the park.”

Jim is working on increasing numbers as he advised: “There are a number reasons we have only a small training group just now. We obviously saw a lot of bodies move on and getting new ones in is taking longer than usual. There appears to be fewer players around these days and it is not just us that is experiencing that as I was speaking to another League 1 manager earlier this week and he was saying the same.”

“Holidays are also having an impact as you get someone in, invite them back and then find out they are away for a couple of weeks. Covid is also still having an impact so whilst it is frustrating we will just get on with things.”

“I have looked into the loan market as well and it is best to say that it is too early for that. We had one player lined up however he is going away with his team to a pre-season training camp and would not be available to use until a few days before we play Aberdeen so we are not pursuing that one as hard as we were.”

“I know fans want to see new players however I have to ensure that they are right for the club. I would rather recruit once than twice.”