One coming in but no name as yet

May 24, 2022

Peterhead manager Jim McInally has given the club website an update on building his squad for next season with one new deal agreed for a player to come in and interest growing in players who were with the Blue Toon last season.

The identity of the new recruit is remaining confidential at the moment with Jim saying: “We have agreed with an experienced player to join us however there are one or two things that need to be ironed out first so we will keep their name under wraps just now.”

“All I would say is that his arrival will strengthen our squad.”

As for the remaining players who have been offered contracts but not yet accepted – goalkeeper Lenny Wilson and skipper Scott Brown – Jim said: “Lenny is spending most of the summer in America so we will just need to be patient in terms of getting an answer from him.”

“Scott is in the position he has been in a couple of times before in that he has been told that there is a chance of a return to full-time football. People are off on holiday just now and clubs are changing their managers so it is hard to get clarity over what solid interest there actually is.”

“Scott wants to see if anything comes of it, and that is his right to do so. We have made him an offer, and whilst it cannot be on the table all summer, he knows there is an option for him here for a while yet.”

Rico Quitongo is also looking for full-time football with Jim saying: “When Rico came in during the January Transfer Window, he was up front with his intention to try and return to a full-time club for the new season.”

“He did well in his spell here but we did not offer him a deal based on what was agreed when he joined. That could change if Rico decides he wants to remain part-time however Rico also knows that we cannot wait for too long to see if that happens.”

As for the players already under contract Jim said: “I have received phone calls from a few managers now asking about Russell McLean. He was placed on the Transfer List earlier this month however no-one has yet come in with an offer that would suit all the parties in terms of a transfer or a loan move.”

“There is also strong interest in another player for a permanent transfer however again nothing concrete has been offered so no decisions have been made. That may change but, again, with the turnaround in managers that has been going on it is a case of wait and see.”