FFIT’s not to like! Final few places remaining on Free course.

Jan 20, 2022

Peterhead’s Football Fans in Training Programme (FFIT) kicks off next quick and the spaces on both the mens and the ladies courses are almost all filled.

The 12 week FREE course begins for men on Tuesday, January 25 in the Boardroom at Balmoor Stadium at 6.30pm and for ladies on Wednesday, January 26 in the same venue at the same time.

Sessions last for 90 minutes and are available for anyone aged between 35 and 65 with a waist size of over 36 inches (91cm).

Please note exceptions can be made, so get in touch if you feel programme will be of benefit to you but please be quick as almost all the spaces on  the programmes which are funded by the SPFL Trust in partnership with the Scottish Government are filled.

This programme has been run 8 times by Peterhead Football Club in recent years and has led to a combined loss from the 84 participants of over 90 stones ( over 575kg), with one participant losing nearly 3 stone.

There is also an educational element to it with knowledge of diet and nutrition provided as well as talks from participants from previous programmes about their experience.

The programme will be run by former Peterhead FC player and SFA qualified coach/ FFIT trainer, Nat Porter.

If you wish to join the programme or require further information please call Peterhead FC on 01779 478256 or email : office@peterheadfc.co.uk or nat.porter@peterheadfc.co.uk