Boss backs five substitutes call

Jan 14, 2022

Despite not being able to list five substitutes on several occasions this season due to injuries Peterhead manager Jim McInally is hoping that League 1 clubs agree that the number of replacements available to them is increased.

The SPFL announced yesterday that Premiership clubs can return to having the option of bringing five substitutes on, as opposed to the present three, for the rest of the season due to the impact of the covid pandemic.

League 2 clubs have been using five all season and now Championship and League 1 clubs have the option to do the same after voting against the idea last summer.

McInally believes that consistency should now apply as he explained: “In my opinion the number of substitutes should be the same right across the leagues. The fact that the number of subs can change dependant on the competition is strange enough but the fact that it varies between leagues, and then has to be altered for some clubs in play-offs, makes the SPFL look untidy and is also not treating the impact on players on a consistent basis.”

“Five has been suggested as the right number for full-time clubs due to the potential impact of covid and if full-time clubs need five, I would suggest that part-time clubs require the same number.”