Jan 8, 2022

Peterhead FC are looking to run two separate 12 week FFIT programmes beginning in mid January 2022.

One for males and one for females. The requirements are that the participants be aged between 35 and 65 and have a waist size of over 36 inches (91cm) ( although exceptions can be made).

Sessions are for 90 minutes once a week for 12 weeks.

The Football Fans in Training (FFIT) programme is a healthy living and weight loss programme that was carefully designed to appeal to men and women. It incorporates the latest scientific approaches to weight loss, physical activity and diet and taps the potential of professional football clubs to engage overweight men and women in a weight loss programme.

It has been developed and successfully evaluated in a major research project led by the University of Glasgow. The FFIT programme has already been rolled out on 8 separate programmes to a total of 84 men and women at Peterhead FC during which time the participants increased their knowledge of diet and nutrition and increased their levels of physical activity.

The 8 groups comprising 84 people lost a staggering total of 90 stone 11 pounds ( 577.7kg) with one participant losing just under 3 stone in the 12 week period. Participants from previous programmes will come along and speak to the new participants about their experience.

The programme will be run by former Peterhead FC player and SFA qualified coach/ FFIT trainer, Nat Porter.If you wish to join the programme or require further information please call Peterhead FC on 01779 478256 or e.mail : or