Opinions harden

Sep 21, 2021

Three days after the 1-0 home defeat from Cove Rangers, Peterhead manager Jim McInally not only remains convinced that his side played well, deserved to take something from a very good visiting side and that refereeing decisions were crucial, his opinions have hardened.

A Rory McAllister penalty separated the sides with Jim saying: “I have looked back at the game and my view of it has not changed. My views in fact have become stronger.”

“We played well and looked a stronger team defensively than we have since the start of the season. We kept the ball and passed it well against a side who will be looking for a top four place. There is more to come from us in the final third, and we are working on that, but we went toe to toe with Cove and gave us good as we got.”

Jim added: “The game was won by a penalty award that no-one saw coming. I know that the Cove players were as surprised as anyone when it was given. We knew Rory would score it, as we have seen him do that often enough, but it still hurt as it was such a soft award.”

Jim added: “I have also looked at the challenge on Russell McLean early in the second half when one of the Cove players was booked. I thought at the time it was a red card and again my opinion on that has hardened, it was a red card.”

“When games are so tight you hope that one major decision does not go against you. To get two going against us is best described as ‘unfortunate’.”