The Andrews get together to keep fit

May 25, 2021

Peterhead’s pair of Andrews ‘McDonald and McCarthy’ are working hard to ensure they are in the best shape possible for when pre-season training starts next month.

Centre back McDonald and midfielder McCarthy quickly agreed to return to the Blue Toon for next season and they have been meeting up twice a week to keep themselves in shape ahead of dreaded ‘bleep tests’ that will no doubt form part of the early work carried out for the next campaign.

McCarthy said: “It has only been a couple of weeks since we played however there is no point in sitting about and waiting for pre-season to start before doing any work. Andy and I both know that we are coming back to Peterhead for next season so it made a lot of sense to meet up and work together.”

“We are keeping Stuart Hogg up to date withe everything and he will ensure that we are going about things correctly. i would imagine all the boys are doing something as the first few days of pre-season training are usually hard going.”