Great Chairman, not so sure about his kit duties however

May 12, 2021

Peterhead manager Jim McInally has praised Blue Toon chairman Rodger Morrison for keeping the club afloat over the past year even though he is far from being the best kit-man the Balmoor boss has seen in his 40 years in the game.

McInally explained: “Rodger sent out a heartfelt message to everyone in Peterhead last week thanking them for all their help however people need to know what he did for the club as well.”

“The club was on its knees financially last year after the pandemic struck as not only did it lose its football income, but it also lost out on the hospitality that is a huge part of the club and runs seven days a week.”

“We were facing a bleak future however Rodger took control of the situation and started working on ways to keep it going. He called in a few favours and was able to provide me with a budget that allowed us to be competitive.”

“Everyone on the management and playing side helped out by taking a cut in wages and that came about after Rodger had a very, very open and honest discussion with them.”

Morrison’s approach has built a bond with the playing squad at Balmoor with McInally saying: “Prior to covid-19 Rodger was the type of chairman who would stay in the background and not have a lot to do with the players. That has changed and he grew close to the players last season.”

That closeness led to Morrison taken on additional duties as McInally explained: “When football in League 1 restarted earlier this year there was a ridiculous rule in place that directors were not allowed to attend away games but kit men were.”

“We had a couple of away games where our kit man could not make it so Rodger stepped in to do it. That involved driving the club minibus, laying out the kit for nearly 20 players and then picking up all the dirty shirts, shorts and socks after the game.”

“He was in there doing all that and that got even more respect from the players.”

McInally joked: “He was far from the best kit manager I have ever worked with, in fact he was one of the worst, however he showed his passion for Peterhead by doing it.”  

“Managers and players come and go at clubs like Peterhead and have the odd complaint about things when they are there, however guys like Rodger are there for years and years and keep them going.”

“The people of Peterhead need to know how much he has done in the past year.”