Ben Armour – That was the best goal I have ever scored

Mar 29, 2021

Ben Armour reckons that his goal in Saturday’s 1-0 win at Dumbarton was the best goal he has scored as a professional footballer. 

Armour accepted a racking pass from Hamish Ritchie nine minutes into the second half on the left wing and he cut past Ryan McGeever before sending a hot flashing past Sons goalkeeper Chris Smith and into the far corner of the net. 

Armour who has now scored the winner three times in 1-0 successes over Dumbarton said: “The other two were tap-ins so I’d take Saturday’s one over them. In my professional career it is the best goal I’ve scored. As soon as I hit it I knew it was in.” 

“It was great to win and when you win a couple of games in quick succession, you find yourself moving up three or four positions which is great.” 

The 22 year old who has scored four rimes this season in ten games knows that he will take his tally higher if he can stay injury free as he explained: “I have had a problem with my hamstrings but I am hopefully over them now. I think the lockdown did me a lot good as I had eight weeks off to try to strengthen my hamstrings.” 

“I definitely feel better. I think it’s been a mental battle with myself as well. It’s something that you get over gradually and Saturday was the best I’ve felt for a wee while so hopefully that’s me over it.” 

Saturday’s match-winner Ben Armour