CATAPULT applied to Peterhead season

Sep 29, 2020

Peterhead fitness coach Stuart Hogg is going to have more information than ever on how the Blue Toon players are performing after the club opted to invest in CATAPULT GPS vests that will track the work put in during a game and will also provide a detailed analysis for Stuart and manager Jim McInally to look through.

The club invested in CATAPULT vests for the new season and after trial runs against Dundee a fortnight ago and in the recent game against Fraserburgh the full system, including monitoring heart rates, will be used tonight when Dundee are again the opponents.

Stuart said: “We wanted something that would tell us more about how far the players are running during a game, how fast they are running, how often and how far they were sprinting. CATAPULT does that as it provides information that will help everyone in terms of ensuring they are doing the right thing at the right time.”


“I have been in coaching for a long time but I am excited with what this can give us. I have to praise CATAPULT for their help in getting us set-up. They are based in Leeds, they are a multi-national company who supply clubs that are a lot bigger then Peterhead, however they have made us feel very important.”

“My contact down there, Sam Boyes, has been terrific and has helped set everything up. I cannot thank him enough – they could have just sold us the equipment and left us to get on with it but Sam’s support means that we will start gaining useful information straight away.”

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Stuart added: “It is not a ‘Big Brother’ type of tool as the players can get access to their own data and see how well they are doing. Jim and I will go through the data after every game and identify any trends that are useful. It can only help improve the team.”

“It has been a big investment from the club in difficult financial times, especially as they could have held off until they could find a sponsor for it, and we are very grateful for it.”

© Craig Stewart/ Peterhead Football Club