Watching the Game – Good News Item 2 (Season Tickets now on sale)

Sep 1, 2020

Peterhead Football Club are pleased to announce that Season Tickets for the 2020/ 21 season are now on sale. The Season Tickets will cover all SPFL League matches as well as any SPFL/ SFA Cup ties.

For clarity season 2020/ 21 could be looked at in three parts.

Part 1 – Games played – no crowd admitted (Situation in the Premiership just now.)

Part 2 – Games played – crowd restrictions and social distancing in place (No firm date set as yet – Test event held last week in Edinburgh v Glasgow Rugby Match – there may also be a phased approach taken to lifting crowd restrictions)

Part 3 – Games played – no crowd restrictions or social distancing in place

The attached poster details the prices and how crowd restrictions that are in place due to Covid-19 are to be handled once the go-ahead to allow fans back into games is given. (Part 2)

Season Tickets

Firstly we would like to say thank you to our season ticket holders from last season. The club offered a partial refund to our season ticket holders as they missed out on four home fixtures due to games being called off after the ‘lockdown’ was imposed.

No refunds were asked for and, at a time where our finances were extremely stretched, and those of many people who support the club were also stretched, we appreciate what support.

Accordingly, season ticket holders who are renewing for the new season are entitled to a 10% discount on the prices listed below on the basis that last season was not concluded.

We are already aware of some supporters who wish to donate that discount back to the club and again we appreciate that support.

As a mark of that appreciation any fan who wishes to donate the discount back to the club will be given the opportunity to have their name displayed on a Peterhead Football Club 2020 ‘Wall of Fame’ which will be located within Balmoor.

Crowd Restriction Seating Arrangements

Whilst crowd restrictions are in place (Part 2) MAIN STAND season ticket holders will be accommodated in an allocated seat in the EAST STAND.

Once crowd restriction measures have been reduced (Part 3) MAIN STAND season ticket holders will return to an allocated seat in the MAIN STAND.

EAST STAND Season Ticket holders will be accommodated (Part 2) in an allocated seat in the EAST STAND – (There will be no allocation of seats to supporters of the ‘away team’ during the time when crowd restrictions are in place.)

All seats will bear the name of the season ticket holder, and a green tick, to indicate that it is to be used during the time that crowd restrictions are in place.

Seats (for MAIN and EAST STAND season ticket holders) are being allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Crowd Restriction Ground Season Tickets

Once fans are allowed back into games (Part 2) social distancing measures will be adopted for fans who purchase Ground Season Tickets.

Online Streaming

Whilst crowd restrictions (Parts 1 and 2) are in place, ALL Season Ticket holders will also receive free access to the new BLUE TOON tv online streaming platform.