Peterhead boss keen on five substitutes

Jul 18, 2020

Scotland’s longest serving gaffer Jim McInally is hoping that the SPFL introduce the five-substitute rule that has been approved by the International Football Association Board for next season and not just for fitness benefits it brings.

The English Premier League have used the ruling since they returned to action last month and it will also be allowed in FA Cup ties however the Premier League, the English Football League and SPFL have yet to decide whether they will allow it.

Peterhead boss McInally is in favour and not just because it will help the mental welfare as well as the physical welfare of his players as he explained: “This rule was brought in to help players who are involved in a lot of games in a short period to end last season but it should be extended for the new campaign.”

“It would certainly help with fitness at Peterhead and it would also help with the morale of the players who simply just want to play. We have a lot of players who travel a fair bit to pay for the Peterhead and in every game, you can see the deflation in four of them when I put on my final substitute.”

“Anything that would increase the chance of keeping players happy by giving them a greater chance of playing would be welcome by me.”