Peterhead players make Nicholls proud

Jun 10, 2020

Peterhead assistant manager David Nicholls has praised the Balmoor squad for making him proud by the way they have looked after each other even though they have not been together for three months.

The Blue Toon players and Nicholls remain in contact via phone calls, text messages and WhatsApp chats and Jim McInally’s right hand man is delighted at how they have bonded together despite not training or playing.

Nicholls explained: “When the coronavirus struck I made the decision that I would ensure that I would instigate conversations to make sure everyone was doing okay. To be honest I have had not had to do that as the players are communicating well and seeing what they can do to help each other.”

The chats have added to the ties between the players with Nicholls explaining: “There is a lot of experience in our squad and there is a lot of banter between the boys as well. There are big characters like Derek Lyle and Simon Ferry and a really good captain in Scott Brown.”

“They ensure that everyone is communicating but not just in a jovial way. There is also a lot of support as well and an environment where help can be asked for has been created. I am proud of that and the players should be as well.”

Nicholls added: “One of the boys opened up to the group about having a problem away from the game, which was a big thing for him to do, and he was worried how it was affecting his career. Within minutes there were all sorts of offers of support and that helped the player feel a lot better.”

“That support has continued and we now have a much more focused player on board.”

“It is great that the spirit between the boys is strong. This is a difficult time for everyone as no-one knows what is happening in football and it would be a lot more difficult if our group was not so strong.”

© Craig Stewart/ Peterhead Football Club