Northern Lights

Jun 3, 2020

Peterhead General Manager Martin Johnston has been keeping himself busy despite little going on at Balmoor by setting up the weekly Northern Lights show on YouTube.

Tomorrow night’s programme kicks off at 8.00pm and Martin has taken part in a short question and answer session to give the background to the show that looks to highlight all that is good in football in the north.

Question – Why has Northern Lights set up?

Martin – It came about through a chance conversation between myself and P&J reporter Dave Edwards who like me hails from Rothes. We were lamenting the fact that there are so many characters in north football with some great stories to tell but most folk never get to hear them. The late Jock MacDonald of Inverness Thistle, Sandy Stables of Keith, and Robbie Warrander of Peterhead have legendary status in north folklore but alas their stories were never recorded. Likewise, there are many players who have had great careers and many young folk don’t know that these guys were big name players in their day.

We initially spoke about a podcast then I thought perhaps using the Zoom meeting app given that everyone is using it during lockdown. Within three days we had recorded our first show!

Question – How many episodes has there been – who were guests?

Martin – This week will be our seventh episode and we are averaging 800 viewers a week. We emphasise that it is an amateur show, and that Dave and I have an unashamed lean towards all things Rothes.

We also have a wee tie in with Football Memories Scotland who hope to get our show out to as many people as possible as watching/listening helps trigger old memories for so many.

To date we have had the likes of Billy Ferries, Mark Holmes and Bill Gordon all of who had great football careers plus the likes of John Gardiner, John Sheran and Ronnie Dunbar (live from New Zealand) who all attract interest in their own right.

There has been a strong Peterhead connection too with Colin Grant and Dennis D’Arcy both having been guests.

Question – When is next episode and who is on?

Martin – The show airs at 8pm every Thursday and is just a few guys chewing the fat. You probably wouldn’t pay money to hear these guys speaking, but you would most likely want spend an afternoon in the pub with them listening to their tales.

We add a wee fun quiz (Dave’s Heid Scratcher) and an “On This Day” piece of trivia. Just to mix it up a bit.

 This week’s show sees us joined by former Huntly player Charlie Ferries, a real character to say the least, current Forres Mechanics manager Charlie Rowley, and former manager Gregg Carrol who guided both Deveronvale and Buckie Thistle to Highland League Titles.

Question – how can you watch it?

Martin – Viewers can follow the show by clicking on the “Subscribe” button on YouTube link (it doesn’t cost anything!).

Last week’s show can be viewed by clicking on the following link

We have some great guests lined up in coming weeks and we will continue for as long as the shutdown affects north football.

Northern Lights@UpTheDoonie