Jim fears that rancour will delay restart

May 12, 2020

Peterhead manager Jim McInally fears that the continuing impact of the coronavirus and the never-ending rancour surrounding Scottish football could lead to SPFL League 1 and League 2 being placed in abeyance for a season.

Jim said: “When you consider what is happening in the world it is embarrassing what is going on with football in Scotland just now. I said four weeks ago that it was the most embarrassing episode in my 40 years in the game and it has got worse since then.”

“Everyone assumes that reconstruction will not now be happening however there has been talk of Hearts taking court action. If that happens, I am not sure what the way ahead is or indeed when the way ahead will be known.”

“Even if the legal action gets sorted it will only lead to closed-door games until there is a vaccine available and that is not expected to 2021. In my opinion League 1 and League 2 clubs would be better to go into abeyance and get help from the government to keep their grounds intact as closed-door games will be between amateur sides.”

Jim explained: “Crowds generate the income needed pay League 1 and 2 players as there is little TV revenue. If there are no crowds there will be no wages. The only way then to be involved is to have amateur teams. It will be that or stopping for a season.”

“The Premiership teams could probably survive on Sky TV money for closed door games and that is probably an option for the Championship sides as well.”