Jim – closed doors would hurt Peterhead as our Hospitality is so good

May 11, 2020

Peterhead manager Jim McInally reckons that if football returns as a closed-door sport only the Blue Toon will be one of the hardest hit clubs as their Hospitality Events are so good.

McInally’s budget for his Balmoor squad is boosted every year due to amount of local businesses and supporters who pay for match-day hospitality and if games go ahead without any fans when football resumes Scotland’s longest serving boss is fearful of his coffers being reduced even further.

The Blue Toon gaffer explained: “Our directors do very well for the club in terms of getting people into Balmoor for hospitality at games. It seems to be very popular with the people in the North East and it is sold out or very close to being sold out every game on a Saturday. The money that is brought in plays a big part in helping build the budget for the squad.”

“I do not see football returning anytime soon and if it comes back as a closed door game then we will not only be missing fans who pay in at the gate we will be missing all the hospitality as well.”

“That will have an impact on the budget for the playing squad. At the moment there are bigger issues around the world to deal with however returning without fans would hurt Peterhead.”