Jim set for talks

Apr 30, 2020

Peterhead manager Jim McInally is set to start speaking to his Balmoor squad about his plans for them after making sure that all his players have had time to reflect on what they want to do in their careers.

Jim explained: “I am obviously not seeing the players just now and that is not an ideal situation when contracts are coming to an end. However, when we reached an agreement over their pay and move to the furlough scheme earlier this month, I had made the decision not to talk to them about next season until May.”

“I felt that everyone should take their time during this crisis to reflect on what is important to them and then we would discuss things.  Football has been put into perspective recently and that was another reason for not opening discussions.”

“I still not sure what budget I will be working with or what league structure will be in place but I will have a good idea in the coming weeks over who wants to stay, who wants to move on and who I do not see staying.”

Jim added: “Only Alan Cook, Simon Ferry, Aidan Smith and Steven Boyd are signed up so there is work to be done and I am anticipating that there will be changes in the squad.”

The Balmoor boss will not use the Coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to hide from delivering bad news as he explained: “I know that some players at other clubs will be told they are not in the manager’s plans by text but I will not go down that route. The players deserve better than that so I will talk to anyone who I am not going to offer a new deal to and explain why.”