Boss praises his assistant for talking before furlough

Apr 9, 2020

Peterhead manager Jim McInally has praised the work his assistant manager David Nicholls put into keeping the team spirit going at Balmoor and also ensuring that no player was feeling on their own prior to the Blue Toon outfit being placed on furlough.

Nicholls has been acting as the lynch-pin between the League 1 players and McInally as Scotland’s longest serving manager explained: “It has been a difficult time for players as all the routine in their life has disappeared. They are used to working, going to training a couple of nights a week and then playing on a Saturday but all they have now is the chance to do some running on their own.”

“They all cope with this change differently but David was great in finding out exactly how the players are feeling. They had a WhatsApp group that he is a part of, and quite rightly I am not, and any issues could get raised there. He also got in touch with the players individually to ensure that anything they are uncomfortable with, whether that be physical and emotional, prior to the furlough being confirmed were raised.”

“Mental health is a huge issue nowadays and I never wanted a player feeling they had no-one to turn to at the club and David provided that.”