Skipper Brown – Coronavirus hitting now and not last year is only bright spot

Mar 27, 2020

Peterhead skipper Scott Brown reckons that the only good think about the Coronavirus hitting is that if it hit this time last year it could have stopped the Blue Toon winning League 2.

Brown said: “It is a strange and difficult time for everyone. I am used to meeting up with the squad for training and games and now I am ticking over on my own. No-one has been through this before and we simply have to keep ourselves going positively until we can play again.”

“Our season could be over and that would be really disappointing and the only positive is that it happened in March 2020 and not March 2019. If it had happened 12 months ago, we maybe would not have won the league.”

“There is a lot of talk about Cove being promoted and if that happens, good luck to them, but I do not think that it would not feel the same to our day at Hampden.”